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Scythe Review

Hey y’all! Hows it going, what’s the haps? Hehe. Today’s post is going to be a book review on Scythe by Neal Shusterman.

I really really really enjoyed this book! It was so thrilling, and fun to read, and it also made you think about a lot of things. I think it was pretty well written and the characters were cool. I feel like everybody has recently been doing reviews for this book (honestly only two that I’ve seen) but you know what I really liked this book so I’m gonna do a review too. 😜

What is it About?

Scythe is set in the future after the human race has conquered death and sickness and everything bad. Humans are now immortal, but in order to keep the population under control, there are certain people called Scythes who have the task of gleaning. Instead of calling it “killing” they call it “gleaning.” (I thought that was an interesting concept, along with the whole deadish concept. People could still die, but could always be quickly revived, so they called it deadish.) Anyway, so this one Scythe takes on two apprentices to train them in the ways of a scythe. However these two teens have no desire to learn the art of killing. Read to find out what happens…

My Opinions

Ok I’m sorry but every time they mentioned the tone cults I laughed! I couldn’t help it, they just sounded so dumb. I also saw a running theme throughout the book of “where do we go after we die?” I mean, since this is a book where one of the main premises is death, it was inevitable that there would be a theme like this. And this is a very important question too, especially in today’s time. So where do we go when we die? Well it’s as simple as this: believers in Christ go to heaven and live in perfect peace for eternity, but those who refused the free gift of salvation go to hell. Anyway, this was a great book and you should definitely go pick it up.

So that’s all I have for you today! Comment down below if you have read it and what your thoughts were! Until next time…

Byeeeeee! Xoxoxoxo

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