Back To School

Hey guys it’s Hannah! So this post is basically going to be me venting my stress to you guys about starting school. Sorry if it’s just a hodge podge of things.

Soooo I’m going into my sophomore year of high school, and I’m kinda freaking out. Not so much about the homework and stuff (its partly homework but I’ll talk about that in a min) it’s just the fact that in about three years I’ll be graduating! 😬😬 That may not be such a huge problem to some people but for me, my thought process is “I HAVE TO START SAVING AND APPLYING TO COLLEGES AND I GRADUATE IN ABOUT THREE YEARS.” Oh well…

Anyways, so for any of you who are also stressing out about school, whether it be homework or drama or anything else, you are not alone. Like seriously you are not alone. I start school in three weeks and I still haven’t finished my summer reading 🤫. Don’t worry I’m working on it 😂.

Even though I get stressed out, I like going back to school because 1. I honestly like doing homework even though sometimes it’s very frustrating and 2. I get new school supppplieeees. Yayyyyy. Specifically a new planner. I’m not a huge planner but I like the fact that when I really do need a planner, I have one on hand and am able to keep my life together. I especially like the very aesthetically pleasing planners. I’m hoping other people relate. Or maybe I’m the only one….. 🤔. Oh well.

I can’t think of anything else to say, so comment down below and spark some conversations about going back to school. And again, sorry if this was super random and made absolutely no sense. I’ll do a more put together post soon. But for now, au revoir!

Byeeeee! Xoxoxoxo

6 thoughts on “Back To School”

  1. God has got great timing including with college. Don’t worry about tomorrow, Matthew 6:34a now what you do is plan and do everything with all you got and it will be beautiful. I have to tell myself that too as my schedule slams and my cute planner starts looking a bit much 😉

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  2. Honestly don’t even worry about school! I know your going to do amazingly! I’ve been out of high school for two years and that time made me realize that I put a lot of stress on myself while there for no reason. Just enjoy every moment of it because in the blink of an eye college is upon you and so many other bigger and brighter things. Make sure you have fun!

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