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Ok this post is going to be less of a review and more of a freak out. I’m going to try my best not to accidentally spoil something, but if I do I’m so sorry!


This book gave me all the feels, and it reminded me so much of one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail. It was funny because this movie was actually mentioned in the book, which makes it all the better.

I loved Elle and Darien’s characters, and just the way they acted in real life, vs how the acted while txt each other. I also love their ideas about each other before they meet πŸ˜‚. Darien is absolutely infuriated about an anonymous blogger called the RebelGunner (guess what it’s Elle…) and Elle strongly dislikes the teen heartthrob actor Darien Freemen (who, you guessed it, is Darien). But after an accidental wrong number, they begin to txt each other without knowing who each other is.

Elle’s obsession with Starfield, the made up tv show similar to Star Treck, sounds amazing. By the end of the novel, it felt like I had seen the show and I understood all the references made in the book. And can we talk about ExcelsiCon?! I want to go! Sign me up! It sounds so cool, and I loved that when Elle and Sage walked in, they were so welcomed by everyone else at the Con.

I also love the fact that this is a Cinderella retelling.There are a lot of Cinderella retellings out there, and this one is seriously one of my favorites that I’ve ever read. (Next to Cinder by Marissa Meyer of course) When it comes to retellings, you have to be careful. You don’t want to change too much because you still want your readers to understand what the original story is, but you also want to add your own spices. I think author Ashley Poston added just the right amount of spice and the right amount of the original story, because it turned out to be one of my favorite books now.

For example, instead of having a fairy godmother, Elle had her best friend Sage who is a master at fashion and sewing. And instead of her mice, Elle had her dog Frank the Tank.

The only setback about the book was that the writing could be a tiny bit sloppy at times, but if I’m being honest it wasn’t that big of a deal.

That’s all I have for today! Have you read Geekerella? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments! And with that, as Federation Prince Carmindor would say, “Look to the Stars. Aim. Ignite!”

Byeeeee! Xoxoxoxo

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