Devotional Review

Hey guys what’s up! Today’s post is going to be a review on a devotional that I read a few weeks ago on the Bible app YouVersion. If you have never heard of this app, you should definitely check it out. It’s basically a Bible app where you can read straight out of the Bible (but on a screen haha… 🤭😂). But you can also interact with other people, read devotionals and share your progress with others, and so much more. It’s really awesome you should get it on the App Store! (Btw I swear this isn’t sponsored I just really like the app!)

Anywayyyyy, so back to the point of this post, I will be giving you a review on the devotional plan “Finding Rest in a Busy World,” by Susan Narjala. You can find this plan on the YouVersion app.

This devotional was so beneficial to me. I have a tendency to go a hundred miles and hour, making myself stress out, and just being busy in general. I never really just sit down and appreciate what’s around me, and what God had done in my life. The author explains that in our society today, everyone else seems to be going a hundred miles an hour too. Whether that’s with work, kids, or just in their life. She also relates with us, in that she too struggles with being a busy body.

It is important that we aren’t always making ourselves busy. Sometimes we just need to sit down and rest. Whether that’s stopping to enjoy the flowers, or having quiet time with God. Quiet time is so beneficial to the spirit, because it shuts out all the other distractions, and you really get to focus on you and your relationship with God.

Normally the devotionals in YouVersion start out with a lesson. Generally these are somewhat short and to the point. Then once you read that, there are some verses picked out for you to read that go along with the lesson. I really like the shortness and simplicity of them, because you don’t have the excuse of “Well I just didn’t have any time to read the Bible today.” No no no. These devotionals take only about 10 minutes of your day, and you are still getting some Bible time for the day.

That’s all I have for you today! I highly, highly recommend getting the YouVersion app, it is so great. I hope you enjoyed this review and are encouraged to read it too. Comment down below your thoughts.

Byeeeee! Xoxoxoxo

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