My Favorite Classic Reads Recommendations

Hey guys, I’m back with another post! *exclamations of joy* Today I’m gonna be recommending some of my favorite classic books reads, because like… who can get enough of classics! So before I make this little blurb fifty hours long, let’s get started!

1. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas

I read this book for school a few years ago, but I just remember loving it. It’s such a fun story with so many characters and twists.

This book is about a man named Edmond Dantes who is engaged to this woman named Mercedes. They are madly in love, but Mercedes’ cousin wants to marry her. So he finds a way to make the Edmond go to prison. However, Edmond eventually breaks out and disguised himself as multiple different characters, all so he can get back to Mercedes.

2. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Oh my gosh I loveddddd this book! It wasn’t the super creepy book I was expecting it to be, but I mean kudos to Mary for writing it during a vacation.

This book begins when a sailor finds a bedraggled man drifting in the icy water. This man happens to be Dr. Frankenstein. He tells the sailor about how he became so unfortunate, how he created the monster and destroyed his life.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This is another school book that I just couldn’t put down. It’s so fun to read but also very educational especially because I hadn’t learned much about the Scottsboro trials, which we see glimpses of in the book. It deals a lot with racism, and sexual assault.

This book takes place in a small 1960s Alabama town. Our main character, Scout, lives a carefree life, playing around with her brother and friend. Her father is a lawyer, and always teaches his children valuable life lessons. When a black man is accused of raping a white girl, Scouts father is assigned the case. Young Scout is forced to grow up too soon, and she must learn how to navigate the murky waters of racism that were so prevalent during those times.

4. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

This is such a nostalgic book for me. I just feel like everybody needs to read this book. I also did a review on this like a while ago so you can check that out if you want.

This is the story of a young orphan girl with an amazing imagination. After a hard childhood, she finally gets adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. The books follow Anne’s life as she grows up and learns things about friends, love, and other things.

5. Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I’m pretty sure everybody at least had heard of these books. I read all of them multiple times as a kid, and I’ve been watching the tv show forever too. But they are just so good and I love them.

These books are the story of Laura’s life. They give a good glimpse about her life growing up in the 1800s.

6. Emma by Jane Austen

And last but definitely not least, Emmmmmmaaaaa! I don’t even know what to say except please read this. It had such great imagery and you feel like you are in the room with the characters.

Emma is a beautiful, clever, and headstrong woman who has no desire to marry. However, she takes pride in meddling in other people’s relationships. However, when she tries to match up her friend Harriet with this one guy, something happens that she never expected.

That’s all I have for today! Thanks so much if you made it this far. Comment down below your thoughts, and let me know if there is anything that would like to see me write about on my blog.

Byeeeee! Xoxoxoxo

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