Readathon by Hannah


Oh my gosh guys, it’s 11 pm, one more hour till it starts!!! I’m literally so excited. I’ve been drinking coffee and caffeine all day so that I have enough energy to last a whole 24 hours. I’ve got my TBR in front of me now and I’m itching to get started.

Literally my mouth hurts so bad I just got my braces tightened. There wasn’t a lot of soft foods at my house to eat so I went out to Publix to get provisions, hoping to save them for the readathon… but lone behold… I ate all of it before 10 pm. I had good stuff too like sushi, Chobani yogurt, mustard sardines, a sparkling bai drink. It’s ok though I’ll find something else to eat 😂.

11:27 pm

Just brewed a pot of coffee, I’ve got my pjs on, and I’m ready. I’m not tired at all right now, but who knows it could just be adrenaline right now.

11:56 pm

Guys it’s four minutes till it starts I’m so excited!!! I’ve already picked out my first book. I’ll be reading Dreaming With God by Bill Johnson.

This book might sound familiar because I mentioned it in my post about all the books I read in 2018, but I decided to reread it because I wanted to delve more into it and see if I could find any new inspiring nuggets.


12:56 am

It’s almost one in the morning and I’ve hit page 80 in Dreaming With God. I’ve been able to pick out so many new things that I didn’t see the first time I read it. I already knew it, but I really love this book so far. I’m still not tired, which is good because it’s only like 1. I’ve got a long way to go 😂. I honestly might fall asleep soon, but I’ll keep trekking on until I can’t take it anymore. I really hope I can go all 24 hours, but I don’t want to push my limits. Ok back to reading!

2:09 am

It is two in the morning and I’m now on page 102 of Dreaming with God. I think I’m gonna take a five minute break just to rest my eyes, because oh boy. My eyes are dry. 😂

My sweet setup. I’m kinda hungry tbh. I think I’m gonna wait a little bit longer to get a snack though.

8:14 am

Guys… I fell asleep. I know I know I know, buts it’s ok. I didn’t want to break my limits so it’s ok. I’m getting straight back to reading right now.

10:37 am

I have just finished Dreaming With God!! It was soooo amazing and inspiring. It taught me a lot about getting in tune with God’s spirit, and learning to co-labor with Him. Totally recommend.

I think for my next book I’m going to pick up Archenemies by Marissa Meyer. I literally can’t wait to read this one!!!

11:48 am

It’s almost 12 and I’ve been reading for a while. But now I am actually on my way to targetttttt. Had to pick up some stuff but it’s gonna be a fun time! Target is really just like a great place you know? Like they literally have almost everything there.

Its 2 pm and I got home from target and ate some lunch. I put on a face mask and sweatpants, so I’m very comfortable right now. Gonna get back to reading archenemies!

2:51 pm

Oh my gosh guys it just started raining 😍. This is perfect. I’m reading all comfy in bed, and it’s raining loudly! Could this day get any better?

7:51 pm

So it’s been a little while since I’ve updated y’all but obviously y’all wouldn’t see much of a difference cause you just read to the next part 😂. Anyway, I have to admit. Reading has been rather slow today… um yeah. I am only on page 132 of archenemies, but I’m being hopeful because I’ve still got like 4 hours left in the readathon. I’m hoping that if I don’t finish it, I’ll at least make a larger dent in it. Aghhhhhh I’m kinda disappointed because I had this huge expectation of books I was gonna read today but it’s ok. There’s always next time 😂.

10:25 pm

There’s only about 2 hours left of the readathon, and I just got a snack.

I’m starting to tire out but I’ve still got a little left in me to make it till 11:59!

Guys it’s midnight, I’m exhausted, I’ll do a final update in the morning. Goodnight.

The next morning…

Hey everybody! It’s the next day, obviously, but I just wanted to take a little time and do a brief overview of the readathon and just give a few of my thoughts on how it went. First, it was super fun!!! I would definitely do it again, but like in a few months cause like school starts soon. Second, I’m a little disappointed because I didn’t read as much as I wanted. I ended up being a little busy so I only finished one book. However I got about half way through the second so I’m happy about that. Also this was my first readathon ever, so I also wasn’t used to the whole thing. I think next time will be better. And lastly, I’m still trying to decide if I liked documenting it in blog format. I thought it was cool, but not sure if it was practical… lemme know what you thought in the comments.

Well folks that’s all I have for now! If you joined in the readathon, comment down below about your experience! Love y’all! ❤️

Byeeeee! Xoxoxoxo

4 thoughts on “READATHON BY HANNAH!!!!”

  1. I think this is a very good way to spend time as you are able. Your blogging was very entertaining and gave me a sense that I was there with you. Such great choices too. Blessings on your journey avid reader! 😉

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