My Favorite Book Series of All Times!

Hey everybody! Today’s post I’m going to be telling you guys about my all time favorite book series! So without further ado…

1. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

This series just brings me back to my middle school days. I remember reading this series and just falling in love with all the charters. The Lunar Chronicles is a fantasy/sci-fi series  that retells the stories of common fairytales. The first book, Cinder, is a retelling of, you guessed it, Cinderella. Except this Cinder is a cyborg! All of the books link together and our characters join together to fight against the Lunar Queen, Levana. Read to find out what happens.

2. The Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale

These books just give me a old timey folky feeling. I absolutely loved the world and the characters. The series is set in this fictional world called Bayern. The first book begins with Isi leaving her home land and traveling to Bayern to be married to the prince there. But her group is sabotaged and she is forced to go into hiding. Read this series to find out about eh adventures of Isi and her groups of friends Enna, Razo, and more!

3. The Selection by Kiera Cass

Oh. My. Goodness. These books were so much fun to read! They were the perfect amount of sap and mystery to keep me on the edge of my seat. In this series, America is entered into a contest to see who will become the future king’s bride. There are 25 girls, and only one will win. Read to find out what happens!

4. The Renegades Trilogy by Marissa Meyer

I know, I know the third book hasn’t even come out yet, but the first two books are amazing! If you like superheroes and politics and talk of morality, definitely pick these up!

5. Scythe Series by Neal Shusterman

I don’t know the actual name of the series, but Scythe and Thunderhead were amazing! This series takes place in a utopian society, where humans have gotten so scientifically advanced, that people no longer die naturally. However in order to keep the population under control, a special group of people called the Scythes are tasked with the job of “gleaning” people in order to keep things under control. These books also deal heavily with questions of morality, so if you like things like that, definitely check these books out.

6. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

These are a timeless classic for me. I have read this series many many times, and it never fails to disappoint. C.S. Lewis masterfully crafts a magical world, and mixes in Biblical truths and Christianity with it. I absolutely love these books and I recommend them to anybody of any age.

7. Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

OMG! These books hold such a special place in my heart. From reading all the books as a child, to watching all 9 seasons of the show with my family, I can’t get enough of these books. If you like prairie life books, and true-story historical books, you will definitely love these. I also recommend these book to anybody of any age!

Well folks, those are my all time favorite series! Comment below some of your favorite series, or if you’ve read any of these, let me know some of your thoughts. Until next time…

Byeeeee! Xoxoxoxo

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