My March TBR

Heyyy everybody! As you can see from the title of the post, today I am going to be talking about all the books that I want to read in the month of March. Now, I’m a big mood reader, so this TBR is merely the books that I would like to read this month, but if I’m feeling something else, then I might read something that is not on my list. This March so far has been a little bit busy even though I’m on spring break, but I still have had to write and fix a lot of speeches for an upcoming tournament. So I have only finished, wait for it… a whopping one book. But it’s okay because I am almost finished with writing my speeches and I still have a week and a half of spring break so I think I’m good. Now I’m just rambling, so without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Everything She Didn’t Say by Jane Kirkpatrick

Now, this is a book that I was sent by Revell, and I’m actually currently reading it and really enjoying it. Granted, I’m only five chapters in, but still, it’s good so far. I’m hoping to have it finished by *fingers crossed* tomorrow… I don’t know maybe it will happen.

2. A Bound Heart by Laura Frantz

This was another book that Revell sent me and just from the synopsis, I am super excited to read it! Let’s just say it involves a love story centered in colonial America… if that doesn’t sound like a good story, then I don’t know what does!

3. The Sky Above Us by Sarah Sundin

Ok, ok, I promise this is the last book that Revell sent me, but again, I’m really excited to crack it open. And no I’m not just saying that because it was sent to me, I genuinely am excited to read it. 😉

4. Persuasion by Jane Austen

Ah yes, another Jane Austen I believe. I don’t know guys… this might be the next thing I read after Everything She Didn’t Say. I love Jane Austen and so I knew that this had to be on the list of books I could potentially read in March.


So, everybody, those are all the books on my March TBR! Again, I’m a huge mood reader so who knows, I made not even be in the mood to read any of these when the time comes to figure out the next book I’m going to read. Comment down below your current read and any books that you would like to pick up in March. Adios, mis amores!

Byeeeee! Xoxoxoxo

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