Travel Bucket List πŸš‚

Hey everybody! Today’s post is going to be a travel bucket list. I love to travel and have already gotten to experience so many beautiful places in the world, but there are still SO MANY other countries, states, cities, etc. that I would love to visit. So with that, here’s my travel bucket list!

  1. Rhode Island

Ok this is kind of a random state to visit, but I want to go here so bad, preferably in the winter… and here’s why. My dream university is in Rhode Island, and I want to go in the winter because I want to see how cold it is there during that time, to see if I would like living there for a good chunk of my life. I LOVE cold weather, but I’m used to Florida cold weather, so I want to experience an even colder cold.

2. Poughkeepsie, New York

This one is pretty sentimental for me because this is the city where I was born. Fun fact, when I was born, my family moved back to Florida two months after, so I have never really been able to experience and see where I was born.

3. Maine

I want to go here so bad! I hear that it is so gorgeous, and from the pictures I have seen, t definitely seems to be. I would love to sit on one of those coastal beaches where the seagrass is blowing all around you, and a lighthouse is two stone throws away.

4. Prince Edward Island

I’m not gonna lie… this one would fulfill so many bookish dreams because guys. THIS IS WHERE ANNE OF GREEN GABLES LIVED! Need I say more?

5. British Columbia

I want to go here because the forests looks absolutely GORGEOUS! So many people say that this is an amazing place to visit. Plus, it’s chilly up there!

6. Alaska

Again, the forests and scenery and mountains and lakes look breathtaking.

7. Iceland

Everytime I see pictures of this place, I get the strongest travel fever. Even the elements are really strong and wild there, the towns look so pretty and peaceful. Also, I hear the crime rate is extremely low.

8. Back to Germany (Rhupolding)

I went here in 2017, and this is one of the the most charming and quiet towns that I’ve ever been to. I would love to go back. There was this one bakery that had the coolest architecture that I’d ever seen. If I’m not mistaken, it was called Der Bacher Schuhbeck.

9. The UK

I just want to visit all of it. England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland. ALL THE PLACES!

10. Norway

I just want to spend a few weeks living in a little cabin in Norway. Might be extremely cold but that just adds to the fun of it!

I have got loads more places I want to visit so if you would like a part two, comment down below! Also comment what your favorite place you have traveled to is, as well as your number one place you would like to visit. Thanks for reading!

Byeeee! Xoxoxo

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