My New Podcast!

Noted Final Export

Hello everybody! I am so excited to announce that my friend Hannah and I have started a podcast! This is a project that we have been working so hard on, and we would love it if you gave it a listen. The first two episodes are currently streaming, so you can go and get a taste of what we will be talking about.

An Excerpt from our Trailer

“Noted is the podcast where we’ll talk about everything we consider notable. From politics to paperbacks and everything in between, there will be a myriad of topics discussed suited to every taste. We want this podcast to be a place where you foster your creativity, and expand your ideasIt is the perfect thing to listen to while drinking your morning coffee, during your daily commute, or while you wind down at the end of the day. In a world where everyone is always rushing, and being busy is a virtue, people often forget to stop and think about things. Whether those things are big or as small as the little pebble you see on the ground, it is important to slow down and appreciate the little pieces of our world that make it so amazing. Think about all the things God created– trees, rocks, etc…– that are often overlooked because they aren’t trendy or at the top of the news list. Don’t get us wrong; current events are important and something we plan to talk about, but they aren’t everything. So come and join us here at Noted, where we take note of the little things.”

You can listen to Noted on all major streaming services. Click this link to listen, or to find other platforms to listen on. You can also follow our Instagram here. Thank you all so much! We hope you enjoy!

Byeeeee! Xoxoxo

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